Jan. 22nd, 2010

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I went ahead and picked 60 of the pictures from this post to print at Walgreens.

I'm really, really glad I did this, because I've learned some valuable things about how this process is going to work. See, some pics I thought would look fantastic printed, just don't, and others that were very problematic on a computer screen actually turned out. In short, the pattern I noticed in this was:
1. Bright colors weren't as bright, so that the pics that really depended on brights just didn't have the pop.
2. Dark colors weren't as dark, so that the pics that I was worried would be very dark actually showed a lot of detail that wasn't visible on my computer screen (which makes me think it's time to change my screen settings...)
3. Fuzzy things looked fuzzier.
4. Things that looked like they were evenly shaded showed much more variation of color.
5. Shots that were suffused with sunlight got over-suffused with sunlight.

So I thought I'd go pic by pic on this, if only for my own information...and, of course, keep in mind that in comparison of the prints to the originals, I can only speak for how they look on the settings on my computer screens.
The Pics...Again... )
In all, I printed 60 shots; in my opinion, 13 of them were failures as printed images. Not a bad ratio, I guess...

Now, despite all of this, I'm going to try and sell all of these first run shots. And, heck, if some of the ones I thought didn't work actually sell before some I like better, maybe I'll even print them again - but for the most part, I think that the ones that didn't work well, I will not be printing again. Also, I'm willing to lay some of the problems I noticed squarely at the feet of the Walgreens photo printer; to really figure things out I think I'd need to get them printed again from some other place...but I'm not that serious yet. :)

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