Apr. 28th, 2010

So, a friend of mine had an idea:

"So. I have this notebook. Wood covers. Elegant pages. only problem is, it is blank. And I am notorious for not doing anything with the notebook/journals I collect.

"Would anyone be interested in passing the book around, with the idea that everyone who gets it, leaves something in it (be it art, writing, photos, a flower you found outside and liked, recipe, whathaveyou) and mails it on to the next person. I am willing to do the legwork of sorting out a mailing tree and keeping everyone organized. I am also willing to upload images of all the filled pages when we are done. I am willing to help with postage if folks are unsure about that end of things. I dont want to limit this to the USA.

"Spread this around. I dont have to know everyone who might be interested. If people did this idea I will set up a community to keep us all in one place and keep in touch."

I think this is a neat idea; I'm in - if anyone reading this is interested, go and comment over on the original post: fireun's LJ.

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