Jun. 9th, 2010

Well, 6 weeks ago I wrote that I'd try to give my life updates more often so I wouldn't forget stuff. That went really well. But actually, it makes sense, cause there really just isn't much going on. I've had meetings an annoying number of days, which generally leaves me not wanting to go out and do stuff when I don't have to work. I was in Bloomington for a week, and Oz was here for a week. I got a new camera. I've gone to some baseball games. I've been gyming. I haven't written as much as I'd hoped, and I've been surprisingly lazy about doing much say, during baseball games. I've gone to a lot of baseball games, and we've won all but one of them. I've played a lot of Civ 4. I got all my stuff outta storage yesterday. I'm sick. Other than that, well, I can't think of much. And that's okay. Other than the sick part, I think life is pretty good. :)

(shortest life update ever!)

Summer is looking busy. I've got tons of work due by August 31st, and will be spending almost all of July and August doing it. In addition, I'll be going to Origins (last weekend of June), Texas to visit my grandfather (first week or so of July), and Gencon (first weekend of August). I'll also have Oz in NYC all of July. All in all, it should be nice.

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