Sep. 12th, 2010

Well, it's been ages since I've posted, though I've been reading all along. I just thought I'd post quickly and say I'm alive. Life has been decent of late. I spent most of the summer very busy with work. Gencon was awesome, I bought some lovely art, stayed in budget, and got to see my friends. I've been pondering life-changing decisions and feeling completely not up to the task. I've been recently working on growing the craft business, and though these efforts have yet to generate a single sale, I'm still feeling good about them. I've been slowly getting my Flickr account back on track. I've gotten to a few museums, visited my dad, gone to a lot of baseball games, gone up to Binghamton for the first time in a while, and otherwise been home. I've considered "breaking up" with the dog, and have decided not to for now. I've bought an electronic drum kit, and look forward to wailing on it. I've continued to lose weight, and hit my goal weight during the summer. I've started seriously researching the Civil War book, despite numerous stalls, it's proceeding.

I'll try to get around to writing more about the last, oh, six months that I've barely talked about on here, but not right now. The main point of this post was to give an update on my schedule to the folks who read here. I had thought to have the kind of September where I could spend two weeks watching Supernatural, but that hasn't happened at all. Instead, I'll be traveling a ton, and busy with work all in between. Here's the schedule:
Travel Schedule: )
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, but I think it will be fun, and most of it isn't going to cost me very much, which is kinda awesome. :)

The other thing I wanted to share was for the few friends who are on here but not on Facebook, I've recently (as in, last week) started a Crafting blog. (one of my efforts to grow the craft business). I've been updating it daily so far. No idea how long THAT will continue, but for now I'm having fun with it. If you're at all interested in either my crochet, my sewing, my embroidery, or my photography, or in the progress I make in business, you might want to follow it: Crafts, Crochet and Cards.

So - how have you all been?

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