Jan. 4th, 2012

New Years

Jan. 4th, 2012 08:57 am
Woah. Is it New Years already? Jesus fucking Christ, where has the last year gone? I haven't even done a public post to LJ since, er, May, I think. (I started a post in August but never finished, so it never got made public. In short, life has been VERY busy. There's been travel (Origins, Gencon, Bull Run, Greece, Turkey, Con on the Cob, Akron, Cleveland, San Francisco and more!) There's been bad things (like my grandfather dying in August). There's been good things (like my finally finding a boyfriend, almost 12 weeks now...). And there's been all kinds of other stuff in between, but mostly it's just been BUSY. And now here it is, New Years, and it's so busy that I didn't even review my 2011 goals until just now, and I still have only the foggiest idea of what my goals for 2012 will even be. But here goes...

2011 Goals Review )
2012 Goals )

That's it. I'm actually having a really awful few days (I started this post four days ago, and am adding this sentence today) that has invalidated most of the happy I had at the beginning of the post, but I'm not gonna edit it. Let it stand as is as a tribute to some of the happiest I've been, no matter how low I feel right now. Those are my goals for today. (edited to add: okay, I did go back and add a little more detail)

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