Jan. 5th, 2011

On Monday, my dad came to visit me. We had a long and wide-ranging talk, a lot of it relating to my #1 and completely failed goal from last year, "be easier on myself." One of the things he suggested was something he's done in the past. The idea is, whenever you are minding your own mental business and suddenly remember something that you did earlier that day, the previous day, the previous week, the previous month, the previous year, or the previous decade or more ago, and you think, dammit, why did I do that? That was a stupid thing to do! Instead of letting it sit there, write it down on a slip of paper, and put all the slips of paper in to a bowl, and when the bowl gets full, burn it without looking at the strips. I think this is a great idea, and I'm taking it a step farther - I'm also going to put in the slips for things that upset me that I can't let go of, things that make me angry but I can't move on from, things I dwell on that I really need to just get over of all kinds. Why am I starting this post with this story? Because writing the decision to write this post immediately prompted one of my worst catechisms that needs to end: "I really should be working." I'm a big girl and I'm on top of everything and getting everything done, I can decide on my own and with my own discretion when I should be working - and right now, I CAN write this post if I want to.

Anyway, on to other stuff. Gah, I apparently haven't updated since before Thanksgiving! How did that happen?
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Well, this took longer than I have by a lot, and now I'm running late, so I'm gonna stop and leave! Drum lesson, dinner with a friend, should be a nice evening. :)

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