Feb. 8th, 2010

To put this post in perspective, I actually had an awesome weekend (aside from the Colts losing). I sold my first 6 items on Esty - 4 to friends and 2 to a complete stranger! - I got a lot done (though little of it the work I had to do) - and I had a really great work out yesterday morning. So really, things aren't bad at all (I feel the need to specify this, cause I feel like I've been posting more bad than good of late :) ).

This morning, though, isn't off to a great start. My fridge was making a weird noise, so I hit the offending spot a couple times and the weird noise stopped, and at first I was worried it was busted. It does seem to be working (at least, the motor is currently on and hopefully generating cold) but I'm still concerned.

Meanwhile, my neighbors dog has continued to escalate. This puppy was at first completely innocuous. The last couple weeks, though - especially last week - I noticed it's been barking more and more. This morning, it has made a new step, to clawing and batting at the door. This, needless to say, is going to get old real quick. I wonder at what point it's reasonable for me to complain?

Anyway, I'm gonna stop now, but I'm worried about my fridge. Dammit, I want just 2 weeks where nothing just randomly goes wrong...at least the dog is pretty much over her urinary tract infection...

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