May. 11th, 2010

6 Months

May. 11th, 2010 01:46 pm
Right now, I'm wearing a pair of size six pants. Sure, this is the only six I've found that fits me, and current pairs (all of which fit right, by the way) include a six, a couple eights, a couple tens, and a twelve...but still. They're sixes, dammit. I weighed myself at my mothers the other day, and I came in at just a shade over 150, making this the thinnest I've been since the summer of 2006 (in the winter of '06, I got down to 138, but went back up to 165 by the end of the following summer, which means that pretty much any weight goal I meet will be the thinnest I've been since the summer of 2006. ;) ). Anyway, all of which is to say that these are the achievements of which I am proud when I announce that I have successfully been going to the gym for 6 months.

On November 8th, I wrote in an LJ post that I was planning to start going to the gym the next day. I did exactly that. Since then, I've hardly missed any time: a weekend in December where I couldn't gym so instead I walked 10 miles a day; the week and a half after that when I was sick (probably as a result of walking 10 miles a day in the Chicago cold and lake effect snow), a few days here there due to visits to Bloomington, and a week when I was just too busy with work to spare the energy. Other than that, I've gone continually. Sure, I frequently shift my gym schedule around my work schedule (especially on Saturday's, when recently I've had to work early mornings but the gym doesn't open til 9 on Sats and I'm reluctant to jog that early in the morning in the park) but the key is that as soon as I can, I go back to it.

On my last visit to Bloomington last week, I had the always gratifying experience of having a friend who hadn't seen me in 4 months comment (almost as soon as she saw me) on how good I looked. My belly is (almost) flat (though still jiggly). My shoulder blades poke out. The cellulite on my thighs is mostly gone. My arms are starting (barely) to get some definition. It's all good steps in the right directions.

I've written plenty about specific accomplishments in other places, so I'm not going to get into that. I just wanted to celebrate: 6 months. 150 lbs. Who knows what the next 6 months will bring? :)

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